By: Merve Nur Çömlekçi

A woman who lives in a small neighborhood goes to her work each day except Sundays. She is about thirty-five years old, she has short black hair and an auburn face with slant eyes. She likes her job and she is happy because of her big and sweet office. The only problem in her job is eating something good. Despite there are many dishes in the cafeteria, she likes none of them. The food is not delicious, also she thinks that it is very crowded. So, she prefers to go to a café which is not…

Image from USA Today

By: Kübra Soncul

The Little Prince teaches that the responsibility demanded by relationships with others teaches a greater understanding and appreciation of one’s responsibilities to the world in general. The Little Prince characterizes narrow-mindedness as a trait of adults.

“All grown-ups were once children…but only a few of them remember it.” (The Little Prince, 13)

In the very first chapter, the narrator draws a sharp contrast between the respective ways of how the grown-ups and children view the world. He depicts grown-ups as unimaginative, dull, superficial, and stubbornly sure that their limited perspective is the only one possible to perceive…

Image from Columbia Center for the Arts

By: Merve Nur Çömlekçi

The Little Prince is about a boy who likes to observe the sky in his spare time. One day he decides to travel to the other planets. He talks with other characters. Each character Little Prince meets symbolizes a different lifestyle that we can also see in today's world. For instance, the drunkard symbolizes addiction whereas the businessman symbolizes obsession, and last but not least the king symbolizes power. The book represents these symbols by using different ironies, metaphors, and comments.

To start with, Little Prince drops by the planet of a drunkard who is drinking…


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